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Photo Gallery | Dogs rescued from South Georgia

ATLANTA -- The Atlanta Humane Society is caring for 77 dogs it rescued from two animal hoarders last week.

"The animals tend to be neglected and anti-social," said Deborah Marshall, Vice President of Development for the Atlanta Humane Society. "They have health problems, and some are thin because they're not fed properly."

The Animal Planet initiated one rescue last week as part of its "Confessions" series, which features hoarders who voluntarily agree to give up most of their animals for their own good. 

A total of 47 dogs and a cat were brought to Atlanta from a home in Alabama.

"The animals were not getting the medical attention they needed," Marshall said. "They're in a better place now. We're gonna take care of them and do the best we can for them."

Another group of 30 dogs was rescued from a South Georgia couple who lost their jobs and could not afford to care for them.

The dogs arrived in Atlanta very thin and flea-infested. Two were heartworm positive.

Marshall said in most cases, hoarders start out with good intentions.

"They can't say no," she said. "They don't know what their limits are. They want to help all the animals, and in the process, they take in way too many animals they can't take care of."

The Atlanta Humane Society will evaluate their behavioral and medical issues. The animals will be spayed or neutered and inserted with microchips.

The first of the rescued animals will be available for adoption later this week.

The Humane Society is also accepting donations to help pay for the costly care of the rescued animals.