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Atlanta Severe Weather | Severe Weather Likely Tonight
Atlanta Severe Weather | Severe Weather Likely Tonight

The Situation

It has been a rough morning for parts of Alabama with reports of a long tracked tornado hitting parts of Huntsville hard.... This was all along a retreating warm front that we talked about yesterday. This afternoon that warm front will have moved through all of N GA and will set the stage for later tonight. Storms are currently forming along a cold front in IL, KY, TN, and MO... This is the front that is heading towards our state. All of N GA is under a moderate risk as you can see below. All of the metro area is under a 10% chance of a tornado happening within a 25 mile point, with most of it under a 15% chance. Those are high probabilities folks..... The atmosphere will be condusive for tornadoes across parts of N Georgia later tonight into tomorrow morning. Strong Damaging winds are also possible as well as large hail. Again this is a serious situation for N Georgia later tonight.


I am still thinking mainly after 9pm for the NW corner of the state and after 11pm for the metro area for the storms to move in. I give this about a 5/6 for NW GA and a 4/5 for the metro area.

I will keep you updated through all of this

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