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Commuter Dude: Fight for a traffic light in Gwinnett County | News

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Commuter Dude: Fight for a traffic light in Gwinnett County

SUWANEE, Ga - Neighbors eager for a traffic light where they've witnessed several accidents turned to Commuter Dude.

Gwinnett County has acknowledged that the intersection of Suwanee Dam Road and West Price Road is in need of not just a traffic light, but that the entire intersection needs to be reworked.

DOT officials say as of now, Gwinnett County doesn't have the money to make any change.

Matt and Kelly Winking say the intersection is so bad, they struggle to leave their neighborhood in the mornings to take their child to nearby North Gwinnett High School.

"It's a daily basis," said Matt Winking. "I can't believe they don't have a wreck every morning."

For years, the Winkings and their neighbors have pleaded with Gwinnett County for a traffic light.

"We've got a lot of newly licensed drivers trying to navigate through that intersection, and it's really hard," said Kelly Winking.

11Alive's Commuter Dude asked Gwinnett County's Chuck Bailey, Director of Traffic Engineering Department of Transportation, if there was money anywhere in the budget to fix the problem.

"Not at this point," said Bailey. "We've looked at it. We've added it to a potential list of projects. It's a matter of funding."

Commuter Dude is reaching out to members of the Gwinnett County Commission, but so far has not heard back.


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