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Atlanta and country pause to mark 12th anniversary of 9/11 | News

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Atlanta and country pause to mark 12th anniversary of 9/11

(WXIA) -- Wednesday marks the anniversary of the September 11 attacks, a somber day when the nation shared much emotion as memories of the horrific day circle back. 

Terrorists killed 2,977 people that day - a day etched in history. 

PHOTOS | Memorials mark 12th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks 

In Paulding County, retired New York City firefighters joined with others in a ceremony of remembrance.

"You remember every second of what was going on," said retired firefighter Rob Lodado. "The next day you find out who was missing, some of them guys you saw the day before."

In New York, services marked the impact of the first crash, which happened when American Airlines Flight 11 slammed into the north tower of the World Trade Center at 8:46 a.m., September 11, 2001.

The President and First Lady Michelle will joined the Biden family for a moment of silence at the White House to remember that flight, and the victims in New York.

Family members of the victims in the 2001 and 1993 attacks on the World Trade Center, in what has become a tradition, read the names of their lost loved ones. Among those killed were 403 police and firefighters. In 1993, the bombings killed six. 

The second September 11 tragedy was at 9:03 a.m. United Airlines Flight 175 crashed into the World Trade Center south tower. 

Just minutes later, a third plane drove into the Pentagon at 9:37 a.m. Among those passengers on American Airlines Flight 77, 184 people died. 

It was at 9:45 when United Airlines Flight 93 went down near Shanksburg, Pa. Starting then, and running until 10:03 a.m., a wreath was laid at the site while the names of 40 people killed was read. 

At Milton High School, students have paid tribute by planting 2,977 American flags - each one attached with a small white banner. Each banner has the name of a victim who lost his/her life in the terrorist attack. 

When the Milton students placed those flags and organized the event, they were only 5 or 6 years old. Today, they are teenagers and have spent their entire lives understanding, growing to know exactly what the significance is of that day, 12 years ago. 

"I for one was not old enough at the time to have a conscious memory," said student Savannah Bailey. "But I know I have this unspoken duty to remember."

At Georgia Tech, services included a field of flags. Student David Ward was 9-years-old in 2001, but remembers vividly.

"We all came together to support each other and became one big family," said Ward. "That's something I'll always remember." 

The City of Suwanee on Wednesday evening will hold a short dedication ceremony at 7:30. An artistic display from Statesboro artist Marc Moulton shows a piece of one of the World Trade Center towers. 

It's details reflect the damage sustained during the 9/11 attacks, where the artifact fell from more than 100 floors to the ground in New York. It weighs 1,628 pounds, and has a 9/11 timeline made of stainless steel letters. 

In Brookhaven, city officials will hold a remembrance ceremony with a Food Truck Roundup. The ceremony is set for 6:00 p.m. in Blackburn Park. 

The American Flag will be presented by the JROTC of Cross Keys High School. 


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