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Create Your Life Vision & True Calling
Create Your Life Vision & True Calling

For as long as I can remember I’ve been visioning. When I was a kid, the teachers used to call it daydreaming. However, as an adult I’ve come to appreciate its’ value.

Visioning is a powerful tool and force that creates new realities. Positive visioning with God’s guidance helps you live your best and truest life.

Visioning has been a secret ingredient to having a wonderful 19 year marriage, building a business, writing books, & raising millions of dollars for charity. Having a ‘family vision’ with my husband has been a steady force in raising three kids whilst staying balanced and sane. (Most of the time anyway). Raising 3 kids and a business simultaneously hasn’t been an easy feat but one I am proud of.

How can you vision? There are three main steps.

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