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Stage Play Confronting Issues In The Church; Addiction | Arts & Culture

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Stage Play Confronting Issues In The Church; Addiction
Stage Play Confronting Issues In The Church; Addiction

Norcross, GA -- (submitted by Andre Knighton) 

Never has a stage play addressed issues facing church members like ADDICTION: No One Knows but Me.  "I want to bring to the forefront issues that confront church members everyday-issues that nobody wants to talk about but know are there" says Andre Knighton play wright and producer.

Andre believes it is time for the church to take off its mask and do away with being pretentious."We all know the catch phrases, ' I'm blessed and highly favored,' and 'Too blessed to be stressed' but most of that is a facade and the real issues are not being addressed," says Knighton. He believes that having that kind of attitude makes a person feel alone and or isolated as if they are the only person struggling with a particular issue.

"We need to be real and understand that everybody struggles; Knighton passionately expressed. It does not make you any less spiritual. It makes you human. He hopefully expressed his conviction that it is through Christ that we can overcome any ADDICTION.

ADDICTION: No One Knows But Me is a confrontational stage play that addresses the many issues and struggles faced by Christians: drugs, pornography, low self-esteem, and suicide to a name a few.  For instance Thomas Harding is a

31 year old former vice-president of a credit corporation but lost his job after arriving to work drunk. He has been an alcoholic for over 3 years after losing his son in a kidnapping. He then later lost his wife due to his compulsive drinking habits.  Then there is Nikki Kennedy-Age 28-Daughter of Pastor Elijah and Monique Kennedy, starters of the addiction sessions. 

Struggles with addiction to cocaine after feeling the pressures of the church (status quo) and having to be the "Christ-like" Pastor's daughter.  "Not everyone will like this play and we do not expect everyone to like it. But we expect people to identify with it," says Andre.

With a glisten in his eye Knighton wants his audience to take off their masks and live with hope.  "As real as the addictions are, there is an even greater reality and that is you can be free," say Andre. “We just don't want the audience to walk away only identifying with the struggles but to walk away with the knowledge that they can be free through Jesus Christ and obedience to the Word of God."

Knighton referred to the scripture ’Whom the Son sets free, shall be free indeed.'  "Christ is the answer to all our problems. Only through Christ you can be free-free from the stereotype: once an addict always and addict. The only issue we have to over come is the issue of faith. If you truly believe the words of Christ, you can be set free," says Knighton.  "Christians aren't that different from any other human being, says Knighton, "But the difference is Jesus Christ who has given us the ability to overcome any ADDICTION."

ADDICTION: No One Know But Me promotes spiritual healing for those faced with tormenting struggles. Audiences will know they are not alone and will be 

inspired to live the abundant life through the powerful stories presented.   

ADDICTION: No One Knows But Me will premier Saturday August 13 at the Meadowcreek High School, Norcross, GA at 7:00pm; hosted by Gospel comedian/actor John Gray, featured on Christian television network TBN, The Mo’Nique Show and Acquire the Fire youth tour. There is a meet the artist 

reception for premier ticket holders.   For more information and to reserve 

your tickets visit the website at  www.theaddiction.eventbrite.com or at www.aknighton.com/addiction.aspx.

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