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Pike Nurseries to offer special winter clean-up service | Home & Garden

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Pike Nurseries to offer special winter clean-up service
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Pike Nurseries to offer special winter clean-up service

ATLANTA -- Just as the New Year is getting under way, now is the perfect time to tidy up the garden and rid those winter weed woes! A well-maintained garden not only adds curb appeal to a home, but it also protects the landscape against pests and keeps it healthy all year-long.

To help customers tend to their garden and gear up for the warmer months, Pike Nurseries is rolling out a limited time offer for winter clean-up services. Landscape installation professionals will provide basic winter garden clean up, including light winter pruning, mulching, garden bed edging and leaf removal, for homes within 10 miles of a Pike Nurseries store location (excluding Lake Oconee).

Appointments for the winter garden clean up service from Pike Nurseries can be reserved until Jan. 14, with the service taking place through Feb. 13. The limited time promotion is offered at a discounted $400 for three hours (normally priced at $550). As part of this special winter clean up service, Pike Nurseries is also offering 30 percent off landscape designs and up to 20 percent off landscape installation services for customers through Jan. 14.

For more information, please visit bit.ly/1BBgDmP.  

In addition to creating a visually-appealing landscape, winter garden clean up also promotes powerful plant life in the South. While colder weather can be harsh on landscape plants, Georgia does not experience ground freeze, allowing for year-round gardening. Planting during the winter will bring big rewards come spring and summer. The garden experts at Pike Nurseries offer key benefits to planting in the winter:

Allows Plants Time to Establish
Because plants are dormant in the winter, they suffer less transplant shock when planted than if they were "awake" and actively growing. Plants in this condition will have time to acclimate and establish an early root system all through spring, so they are prepared for the summer heat.  

Less Water Required
Dormant plants require significantly less water than when they are in active growth during other seasons. In addition, cooler temperatures and frequent rain in the winter translates to lower water bills. However, always remember that newly planted plants require a thorough initial watering – regardless of the season.

Pests and Plant Diseases are Dormant 
Like the plants themselves, bugs and plant diseases are not active in cold weather. Planting during the winter removes the worry of pesky insects and unwanted mildew.

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