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An Overview of Do-It-Yourself Pest Control | Families

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An Overview of Do-It-Yourself Pest Control
An Overview of Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

Your homes are a place of safety and comfort for you, your family, and friends. That is where the baby crawls, the kids play, where meals are prepared, and where you sleep at night. Your home should be just that, YOURS. More often than desired, your homes become a haven to unwanted guests. They could come as cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, fleas, spiders, termites, mice, or even rats. Really, there are more pests with a possibility of invading your homes than can even be imagined. This is why home pest control is a necessity. While many people think that they need to hire an expensive pest control company, the truth is that they can do their own pest control just as effectively and save a lot of money.


The first step to doing your own pest control is prevention. It is much easier to keep an infestation from occurring than to have to deal with the headache, frustration, and cost of getting rid of one. Any pest who has made their way into your home is because it is desirable to them. The big factor that makes it so desirable is having a food source. The key would be to make your home undesirable! Stay clean and tidy. It pays the price to take the time to wipe the excess crumbs and jelly off the counters, keep the floors regularly swept and sticky spots mopped, vacuum, and do the dishes every night. Use a garbage can with a tight lid and take the trash out often. Leaving piles of clothes or other clutter around are like inviting playgrounds for many pests. Some pests feed on wood.

A great way to make your wood undesirable is to treat it with protective borate chemicals such as Boracare. It lasts the life of the wood and will kill anything that does decide to come in for a snack. Other pests like wet or moist areas. Repair any plumbing leaks to eliminate areas where moisture can build up.

Pest Control Products

You may already be doing all you can to keep a clean home and still find yourself with a pest control problem. Make sure that you identify exactly what your pest is first to then be able to efficiently treat it. For pests that live in colonies or swarms, it is best to use a bait type of pesticide. These attract your pest; they ingest it, carry it back to the nest, and kill off the others by spreading the poison. Contact killing sprays work well in entryways and windows for perimeter control. Use products that are residuals, or remain active for a long time after being applied, for easier knock-down. A great professional grade product that kills just about any insect pest and is well worth the money is Suspend SC or Demon WP.

 Dusts and powder products are available for cracks, crevices, and even some for carpets or your pet’s fur, depending on the pest being treated. If you have rodent critters and do not want to deal with finding their stinking dead body somewhere in your home after eating a poison, use traps. They are quick and get the job done.  

Natural & Organic Options

If you do not believe in synthetic chemicals, there are organic and natural products out there. Ones that work very well are diatomaceous earth and pyrethrins.  Whichever method you choose, remember that do-it-yourself pest control usually takes patience and persistence.

All pest control products and methods mentioned in this article can be found at this do-it-yourself pest control store. Good luck!   

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