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County fills $18 Million Gap in 2011 | Environment

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County fills $18 Million Gap in 2011
County fills $18 Million Gap in 2011

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga. -- (submitted by News for Neighborhoods) Gwinnett County's adopted 2011 budget included an $18 million deficit. While that gap represented less than one percent of the total budget, using fund balance to fill the deficit would have been unsustainable. Instead, commissioners and staff worked hard to find revenue enhancements, efficiency improvements, and service reductions where necessary, eliminating the last of the 2011 deficit on March 15, 2011.

The items approved by commissioners during their March 15 meeting will raise the County's 2011 revenue estimate by an additional $1.66 million and establish a new Budget Stabilization Reserve within the general fund that will allow the County to draw up to $3 million from this fund to pay for operations.

It is our goal to share the results of these efforts with the public. Click here to learn how we filled the gap.

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