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40 New Trees Take Root in Suwanee | Community Spirit

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40 New Trees Take Root in Suwanee
40 New Trees Take Root in Suwanee

Suwanee, GA--  (submitted by the City of Suwanee)  

When the City of Suwanee conducted a tree inventory in late 2009, it found that the community had 3,866 public trees in parks, medians, and along streets. It also found that, while most of the trees were healthy, some had died, others were in need of maintenance, and still others would require careful monitoring. This week, in an effort to more proactively manage Suwanee’s urban forest, the City planted 40 trees, replacing those that had died.

Seventeen of those 40 trees were planted along Main Street, seven at Sims Lake Park, and four in the median along Suwanee Dam/Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road; the remainder are scattered throughout the community.

Russell Landscape Group was contracted to plant the trees at an approximate cost of $12,000. The dead trees were replaced with the same specimen of tree, except for along Main Street, where elms replaced Bradford Pear trees. All of the new trees are a minimum of 3 inches in diameter and 6 feet in height, though most are at least 10 feet tall.

“Trees are beneficial in so many ways,” says City Planner Daniel Robinson. “They add to property values; provide for safer streets, slowing traffic and creating a buffer between sidewalks and streets; and they offer shade. The fact that Suwanee has been a Tree City USA for 20 years demonstrates our commitment to healthy trees.”

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